Is The New Google Hummingbird Algorithm a Culprit for Your Traffic Drop?

Google has just announced their new search engine algorithm called Google #Hummingbird. This search engine algorithm bought serious changes in Conversational search, where majority of the existing websites had serious traffic drop from past one month. Google has silently launched this new algorithm, which slapped millions of webpages across the world wide searches. This new algorithm update was introduced to improve the exact match meaning of a particular query in Google search engine. The new Google Hummingbird algorithm has already affected over 90% of worldwide searches from the past one month, and is ready to take down more of them. This update is more beneficial for people who search for complicated queries in the search engines, where majority of them will not get the exact information most of the times.

Google HummingbirdGoogle Hummingbird was already pretty successful in parsing complex searches, as majority of the results got much better when compared to previous search results. This resulted many webpages to wipe out from Google SERP’s as majority of them were just containing only that standard keyword without proper content. This update is pretty challenging to SEO’s, as providing content to complex searches is not that easy all the times. Google still is not going much technical with this update, but has surely given a hint saying “Concentrate on providing more quality content to your users”.

Previously many websites were affected by Google Panda and Penguin updates, which left only very little traffic for the website to sustain online. Also there are many unanswered questions like Google not updating their PageRank algorithm, which seriously effected the SEO’s from past few months. The good news is that Google Hummingbird will still concentrate on a website PageRank to rank the complex queries in their search engines. But this is only applicable to pages which has good quality content and meaningful match to the requested query.

You have to checkout your Google analytics from past month to check whether you are a victim of Google Hummingbird algorithm. Though many people have observed a serious drop in their websites, I found my other blogs are doing pretty good since a month.

google hummingbird algorithm

This traffic gain is no surprise to me, as I have already concentrated on providing high quality content with 100% relevancy. I’ll soon write a new article on how to optimize your blog according to Google Hummingbird algorithm standards.

Ever since Google updated their Panda and Penguin algorithms, people struggled to rank their websites in search engines again. With this new algorithm change, the SEO’s should struggle much more to recover their website from Google penalties. We have to understand that Panda and Penguin updates are a small part of Google Hummingbird, and they still continue to work with new algorithms as usual. So we have to understand the basic concept of providing high quality content with relevancy and meaningful information. So people who search for “Buy Nokia Lumia 1020” will get only suggestions from websites which are selling Lumia 1020 within the range of their home and city.

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Google Hummingbird algorithm will understand the whole query as a single entity, instead of displaying a particular or known searched query from existing pages. So if people are searching, “Where can I buy Lumia 1020”, it will display only information relevant to that keyword by providing a list of websites to buy Lumia 1020. They might be close to your place, or might not. But the whole query will be considered as a single entity. This way you can avoid seeing results like “Nokia Lumia 1020 Review” and etc.

The only key point in succeeding Google Hummingbird algorithm is by concentrating on high quality content with important SEO factors. This new algorithm might slap many SEO’s and webmasters, but will surely bring a positive and massive change for their search engine users. I still believe that SEO is not dead, because Google cannot restrict few things which might favor the SEO industry. And if you haven’t lost traffic from past one month, then congrats to your efforts on providing valuable information to the search engine users. Keep going the way you are doing right now!

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