How to Rank Any Keyword in 2017 – Google Plus Backlink Strategy

Link Building has become the toughest part of SEO, as Google does not allow you to get backlinks manually. Usually each link you earn to your website is either coming from a guest post, blog comment, free directories, bookmarks, press releases, or something similar. These links aren’t worth much as of now, as Google has flagged them as low-quality source of backlinks. So how do you get backlinks to rank your posts in search engines? Should you stop building backlinks to your website? Absolutely NOT! You should keep looking for good backlinks to increase your website traffic and search engine positions. Remember that only good content will not increase your traffic or search engine ranking positions. You need good backlinks and other SEO factors to rank well.

rank keywords with google plus

Planning a solid backlink strategy along with good content will always work in 2017. Though there are many ways of earning a quality backlink, I prefer using the social signals to improve the keyword positions technique. Out of all the social media networks, I prefer using Google Plus as my direct point of getting quality backlinks. You need to spend quality time on your Google Plus account to improve its authority and the overall page score.

Why Only Google Plus to Improve Your SEO Efforts?

Many of us do not know the fact that Google uses the Google Plus Feed to find fresh content for its search engine. If you keep sharing your content on Google Plus with attractive pictures and content, they are more likely to get indexed. Google Plus also has an amazing feature that lets you edit your published posts whenever needed. So don’t worry if you’ve made a mistake in selecting the right stuff to promote your content.

You should always make sure that the content you publish on Google plus is worth being share by others. If many people are sharing your content,  Google Plus might automatically change your article or post link to do-follow. Though this feature is now disabled, I believe Google Plus will launch it sooner or later. For now, start focusing on building authority to your Google Plus profile.

How to Build Authority to Your Google Plus Profile?

Creating a Google Plus profile is not the only thing you need to rank a keyword. You should have good authority to your Google Plus profile, so that you can send quality backlinks whenever needed. You can make multiple Google Plus pages within your account, so use them wisely to rank your keywords. Initially, I would recommend only one fan page per account, which can later spread to different accounts and pages. You can follow the strategies below to improve the overall authority of your Google Plus page.

Option 1: You can build authority to your Google Plus profile by sending dofollow links from your WordPress account. Add a rel=author tag to your WordPress Author Bio, linking to your Google Plus profile. This way you can send dofollow links to your Google Plus page, and also qualify for the Google Authorship program.

linking google plus authorship to wordpressOption 2: Write guest posts in other blogs without expecting a link to your website. Make it a habit to write guest posts in other blogs with a link pointing to your Google Plus profile. Many bloggers do not allow you to send dofollow backlinks to your website, but will surely welcome the thought of sending a backlink to your Google Plus page.

guest blogging

Option 3: Leave good comments on other blogs with links pointing to your Google plus profile. I usually recommend you to comment on a comment luv enabled blog, which automatically pulls your Google Plus feed if accepted. Make sure to enter a valid comment, else your comment might be trashed immediately.

commenting with google plus link

Option 4: You can send a dofollow link to your Google Plus profile within the top of your blog sidebar. I always recommend to nofollow other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Sending dofollow links from your homepage might send more authority to your Google Plus account.

google plus linking strategy

Option 5: Another amazing way to get backlinks to your Google Plus profile is by promoting the page on other social media accounts. Though links coming from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are not dofollow, I believe these links can increase your overall authority and followers in long run.

Building authority to your Google Plus is not an overnight job. You have to continuously build good backlinks to your Google Plus account so that you can link back any keywords you wish to rank.

How to Link Your Keywords with Google Plus?

Linking keywords within your Google plus account is quite simple. Login to your Google Plus account and click on Profile, About and then click on Edit under the Story and Work sections.

how to get links from Google plusOnce the window above pops up, enter the keywords which you target to rank high on Google. Make sure you don’t spam too many keywords. I recommend sending only 3 to 4 keywords in every 100 words of content I write in the Introduction section. Since you can edit this section whenever needed, don’t worry if you think you might want to make a change later.

How Often YYou Should Change Your Keywords?

According to some SEO forums, your link profile should always have equal amounts of different types of backlinks pointing your website. I always make sure to link back my keywords from Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where the majority of the backlinks will point out from Google Plus alone. I follow either a 65-35% or my own Siren link building method.

The 65 – 35% Linking Method:

This amazing link building technique has helped me to rank many keywords in very less time. In this process, I make sure the 35% of links are coming from the Google Plus account, while the remaining links 65% will be from blog commenting, guest posting andhigh-qualityy press releases. I always make sure to not use the same anchor text in more than 2 times in my entire link building campaign.

The Siren Linking Method: (Created by SEOSiren)

The Siren link building technique is a tough concept where you need to maintain a pure balance between all your backlinks. If my keyword is getting 20 backlinks, all these backlinks will be coming from different sources like blog commenting, guest posting, Google plus linking strategy, Wikipedia and etc, with equal link distribution.

new link building technique in 2014

This practice gets tougher when you monitor both dofollow and nofollow links pointing to your anchor text keyword. So you must have 100% knowledge on monitoring your keywords from the beginning. Don’t worry, I will surely write a detailed article on this backlink strategy.

Will Nofollow Links From Google Plus Pass Link Juice?

Many SEO communities have mentioned that “rel=nofollow” links pass valuable sets of link juice to your website. It really doesn’t matter from where you are getting a nofollow link, as long as it comes from a good source. As per my experience, I believe that sending nofollow links from social media accounts will boost up your keywords gradually.

importance of nofollow links in seo

The above chart clearly explains the importance of Google Plus +1’s, as well as the rel=nofollow attribute. The best part of getting nofollow links to your website is they never let Google to penalize your website. But make sure you do not overdo the Anchor Text optimization, else you might face a penalty.

Will Google Penalize the Over Optimized Keywords from a Google Plus Profile?

Getting limited backlinks from Google Plus will not penalize your website, as Google does not consider the Google Plus website to be spammy. But over anchor text optimization will surely hurt your website, no matter even if you are sending the links from a Google Plus profile. Penalized website will start loosing its keyword positions gradually, which might take a long time to recover.

confusing google penguin with google plus

Will Google Plus Page Have A Page Rank System?

Just like Facebook, even Google Plus provides a Page Rank system for its fan pages. The Page Rank system in Google Plus was very handy when the profile links did not have a custom URL option. Now since custom URLs have become mandatory, many pages and profiles have lost their Page Rank and Authority. Since this cannot be recovered from, you need to start sending enough backlinks to your Google Plus profile pages to build up the lost authority again.

You need to just keep sending good backlinks to your Google Plus pages and profiles, which will surely update by the next Page Rank refresh.

Few Other Factors Which Might Help Your Google Plus Profile

Focus on building relationships with other bloggers, webmasters and PR agents, so that you can reach out to your niche experts easily. Following influential people on Google plus will increase your knowledge on any field you wish to know about.

Remember to share high quality content on Google Plus, so that you are ready for your next article promotion. People on Google plus tend to share your content more than Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to share your content publicly, else you might miss the chance to reach out to the targeted audience.

I hope this article will surely influence you to be active on Google Plus and build links naturally. I’m waiting to hear back your valuable suggestions in the comments section below.

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