Google Rolled Out Final Manual Panda Refresh – 15th March 2013

As announced previously, Google has refreshed the new Panda update this Friday. The #25 Google Panda update might bring a lot of changes to your organic traffic. Many bloggers and webmasters have already complied about the huge traffic loss yesterday, and are getting ready to recover from this update. Few authority blogs have already experienced a huge traffic drop yesterday, and are unable to understand this Panda refresh motive. Many SEO forums and blogs have already mentioned about this update, and were expecting to be a big one this time.

Google Rolled Out Final Manual Panda Refresh

Google has started the Panda update yesterday (Friday) afternoon, and seems to be continuing the propagation till today morning. Some blogs have experienced good traffic change in their websites, and are unable to confirm whether its a Panda refresh or not. Whereas few blogs lost around 40% traffic already, and might lose little more in future. So better to get rid of low quality articles and duplicate content, from your websites, and concentrate on high quality content.

panda update

Matt Cutts from Google has mentioned that the recent Panda Update will be the last manual update from now. Which means Google Panda update will be more of a rolling update, rather than a manual update. Matt has also mentioned that these updates might be effective from the next update onwards, and the impact on the over search results might be less compared to the previous updates.

Hopefully Google will deploy the Panda update gradually as they rebuild the index. So the chances of seeing these small panda updates will slow down and the large scale changes might take the charge in future.

I seriously don’t know whether we should be happy about this decision, or sad. Lets hope the future panda updates be more generic, smart and friendly to SEO experts, bloggers and webmasters. Looks the transparency about Panda updates will be lot less to SEO experts and bloggers in near future. Be careful about theĀ  quality content you post in your site, and make sure to follow the important factors of SEO.

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