How to Submit Your Site Unnatural Links to Google Disavow Links Tool

In my previous article I have mentioned how to locate a website unnatural links via Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). Today we will take action to get rid of those spam links from your site. Before that you might get a doubt that, why the heck should I delete all my site links from various locations? Well, you don’t need to delete all the links which you see in your latest links text provided by Google. We are deleting only those links which are spammy and uncontrollable. Make sure to use Google Disavow Links Tool only when you are completely conscious about what you are doing. One bad command from your text file can literally screw up your whole site back-linking structure.

Google disavow

Consider that you have downloaded the latest backlinks text file from Google, which I showed you in the previous article. If you are not aware of the latest backlinks text file in Google Webmaster Tools, follow the previous article when I have mentioned above. Don’t be lazy enough to check that article, as that is the most important task to proceed further.

Why Google Disavow Links Tool?

Google’s Disavow Links Tool will allow the site webmasters to tell Google that they don’t want certain links from their website to rank top in Google. The reason is pretty simple, as many people purchased dofollow links, exchanged blogrolls, paid for guest articles, spamming forums and directories with links, using automated comment marketing tools to rank up in Google, and etc. All these techniques are considered to be against Google webmaster guidelines, which results in a partial site penalty. At this time Google suggest you to remove all the spam links from your websites manually, which is the most difficult task for an authority site.

You can manually write letters, request the other site webmasters to remove your links from their websites. This is easy if your website has just started building links to gain popularity in search engines. But what about sites which are a bit older, and had built thousands of links? So either you have to manually send all the mails yourself, or hire some one to send those mails to the respected webmaster. This is a time taking process, and its not guaranteed that you will succeed in removing these backlinks. And thought you remove some URLs manually, some links are uncontrollable and cannot be deleted no matter whom ever you contact.

google bad links finder

This is where you can use the Google Disavow Links Tool to get rid of those spammy links within few weeks of time. All you have to do is to find the good and backlinks of your website, and make sure to eliminate the unwanted and spammy links. Discussions and debates over have proved that Google Disavow Links Tool works amazing for Negative SEO (This is a process of building bad, spammy links to your competitors websites to take them down).

How to Use Google Disavow Links Tool?

Since you have downloaded the latest links from GWT, now its time to find out the list of bad links pointing to your website. Currently for this example, I’m using latest links to find the spam links pointing to my website. So this is how your latest links CSV look like.

unnatural links and dates in gwt

The above links mentioned in the screenshot are the actual links pointing to my website. Some links are pointing to my website without my permission, and that’s absolutely okay. We still know how to get rid of those links using Google Disavow Links Tool.

In the above screenshot, the first link is pointing from Technorati to my website. That’s okay, because Technorati is not building too many spam links to my website, and is still considered to be an authoritative site from Google itself. If you take a look at the 2nd link, I have not built it anyway, and is not at all my concern to put it out. So I’ll grab that link out and put it in a notepad with some comment into it. (Comments are very useful in future to understand why we are removed this particular link).

This is very much important, as the text file you are filling up with links and comments will be submitted to Google Disavow Links Tool itself. So make sure to do it carefully, and add as many relevant comments as possible for you easy understanding. Similarly you have to audit all the links pointing to your website, and make a list of unwanted links you wanted to delete. It should look something like the below screenshot.

How to use Google Disavow Links Tool

The underlined links are the commands which we are using in our text file to request a removal from Google Disavow Links Tool.

  1. The first line underline is http:// command URL, which deletes only that particular back-link from Google.
  2. Second and Third underline links are the domain: commands which are used to delete all the backlinks pointing from that URL to your website.

Make sure the domain: URL is entered carefully, and use this command only if there are too many spam links from that domain to your website. Just like some blackhat forums, spam sites and etc.

Google disavow links toolSo finally when you finish preparing your list of all commands and URL’s, save that file as txt, and submit it to Google Disavow Links Tool via Google Webmaster Tools.

google disavow document

After submitting your text file to Google Disavow Links Tool, you can download and edit the text file anytime you want. But make sure to enter only one line per URL, and don’t add duplicate values again and again.

What After Submitting to Google Disavow Links Tool?

Since you have submitted all your website spam links, wait for few days and submit your site to Google Reconsideration Request Page. Make necessary documentation to prove the web-spam team that you were serious and sincere in remove the unnatural links from your website. Doing this correctly will recover your website from unnatural links penalty very soon.

Hope this article helped you in understanding the submission of spam links to Google Disavow Links Tool. If you have any query regarding this above procedure, or any other, do let me know via comments. I hope your website will be recovered from Google penalties, and soon gets that steady organic traffic like before.

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