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After the recent panda, penguin and EMD updates, Google might seriously concentrate on websites which sell paid dofollow links. This means Google will drop those websites which sell dofollow links and try to boost the PageRank for other websites. I know you are hearing about this statement from year 2007, but this time Google is taking necessary steps to slap your sites hard. Don’t be surprised if your website PageRank is going down on every update, because Google itself is taking down your site for selling links on your website. You might be wondering, how does Google ban websites which sell dofollow links in any blog/website? How is it possible? How does Google know what is a paid link and what is a friendly link? Well, these answers written below with simple description. Continue reading..

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Google is constantly struggling to provide the accurate information to its users from many perspectives, and Google gives more importance to high authority websites who provide great content and high quality backlinks. Today we will check out the most important SEO factors to keep your website safe from Google slaps, and discuss what could be done to avoid this massive dofollow penalty slap from Google.

How does Google Ban Websites Which Sell DoFollow Links:

We all know that Google is pretty strict about selling links in your blog/website, but we still manage to sell few links without giving a damn to the Google quality guidelines. But be careful from the next time when you host any dofollow link in your website. Because Google is revising some algorithms and methods to find out the evil part of your site, and is ready to ban them without second thoughts.

Many SEO experts in the industry are fighting with this issue from past few years, and some of them have decided to not give up. But frankly the consequences of selling a link are very costly, as your site is loosing its Google trust rank to show up in search engines. Many reputed sites have lost their PageRank for passing it to other websites and forums for easy money. These websites will sell dofollow links in the sidebar, footer, articles and banners to pass PageRank for their clients, and get penalized by Google with minimum 40% drop in traffic, PR and SERPs.  You should read How Dare You Tell Me To NoFollow My Sponsored Links written by Barry Schwartz who explained about selling paid links in his sidebar from past few years.How does Google Ban Websites Which Sell DoFollow Links

After reading the above mentioned article, I’m sure that we all are not as brave as Barry Schwartz to give a damn about Google quality guidelines. So what do we do? How do we save our website from this massive PageRank drop algorithm? Well, the things are pretty clear in front of you. You should wary if someone is approaching to pay you for a dofollow link or advertorial page on your website. You should never pass PageRank to other sites, no matter how good or bad the advertiser is. Google guidelines clearly say that selling embedded links in any website is against their quality guidelines, and these websites will instantly lose the trust in Google search results. One of the worst part is that your site will loose its PageRank visibility in Google Toolbar, and might also loose its rankings for all existing and upcoming pages within your website.

Will Google Warn me for Selling DoFollow Links?

Yes, Google will send a notification message to your Webmaster Tools account, and will inform you about the current situation of your blog. If you are selling a lot of paid links, Google will ask you to check the website for possibly artificial or unnatural links pointing to other websites as you are trying to manipulate the PageRank system. This message clearly shows that your site has lost trust in Google’s Index, and might really take a lot of time to get it back.

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How do I recover from Google PageRank Drop Update?

If your website has been affected by Google PageRank drop algorithm, just make sure to address the issue by making few changes in your site linking structure.

  • Make sure that any paid link from your website is not passing the PageRank to other websites.
  • Remove paid links or advertorial pages from your website.
  • All paid links should have a rel=”nofollow” attribute to all the outgoing paid links.
  • Selling links in your guest post.
  • Submit a reconsideration request after ensuring that there no paid links on your site.

After this reconsideration request, someone at Google will review the request, and will send you a notification whether your website has been granted the permission to get Google attention in future.

But How Does Google Ban Websites Which Sell DoFollow Links?

Good question! There are actually two important methods which Google follow to find a website quality and trust. They are,

  1. The Manual Report
  2. The Algorithmic Approach

How does Google Ban Websites Which Sell DoFollow Links

In the manual report, you can report a website which is passing PageRank in form of paid links or dofollow advertisements. And the algorithmic approach is completely a flaw technique to find out the website quality, as many websites link to each other out of their generosity or kindness. This is where Google is banging its head to find out a quality dofollow link, and a paid dofollow link. Well, the solution to this problem is not much difficult, as Google has already banned many websites who were passing PageRank to other websites from many years.

I hope by now you understand how does Google ban websites which sell dofollow links. So be cautious about selling advertorial links in your website, and start optimizing the existing dofollow links to nofollow attributes. If you feel I have missed something in this article, please mention it below so that I can respond to it asap. Happy Blogging!

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