How to Maximize Your Interlink Efforts with SEO Power Pages

From the past few months, Google is trying to shut down every possible way to rank keywords via Search Engine Optimization. In fact, Google tightened every popular SEO technique which gave us amazing results in the past. With various Google penalties, the only way to rank your keywords is with SEO power pages, high-quality content, natural backlinks, good design, user experience, Google Authorship, etc. Feeling Optimistic? Please don’t be! Google now finds some more reasons to push down your traffic and CTR, by taking down the Google Authorship profile pictures. Google recently turned down the Authorship profile pictures from their search engines. Though the SEO industry hates this decision of Google, we still cannot do anything to prevent losing our authorship pictures.

power of seo interlinks

Since SEO practice has become a crime to Google, the industry experts are finding multiple ways to get organic results as naturally as possible. Out of all the current SEO techniques, Interlinking is one such technique which can push your SEO efforts on the top of Google SERP’s.

The Art of SEO InterlinkingSEO Power Pages

We have been researching on SEO Interlinking with a new concept called SEO Power Pages. This technique can drive tons of organic traffic from Google, which fortunately has your overall control. SEO Power Interlinking is a new concept which discusses how efficiently you can use your articles for Internal Link Building.

Power pages are your website’s brand ambassadors which pull thousands of visitors in just three months. The concept of Power page is little complicated, as you need to be very particular about every internal and external link going out from your website. To build an SEO power page, you need to allocate quality time on your articles, keep a track of your keyword positions and identify the interlink opportunities via proper keyword research.

Step by Step Guide to Build SEO Power Pages:

I shall reveal my power page technique which has driven more than half a million traffic to all my clients in just three months. Follow this step by step guide to build you first SEO power page.

Step 1: Interlink Auditing

Identify the most important pages of your website using Google Analytics and Majestic SEO.

Picking the most important pages on Google Analytics is very important to build your website’s power pages. I would suggest you to pick the 25 most popular articles from the past 3 months. You can set the date and month in the Top right corner of the Google Analytics. Once you are finished, navigate through Behavior -> Site Content -> All Pages.

Top pages via Google Analytics

Download the following data into an excel sheet and save it on your desktop. The excel sheet should contain URL, Meta Title, Page Authority, Trust Flow, Internal Links, External Links and Number of backlinks as shown below. You can download the sample Interlink Auditing template here.

Interlink Auditing Template- SEOSiren

I have provided the comments for each column for your better understanding. Once you download this sheet, enter at least Top 25 high traffic pages from Google Analytics. Once you enter all the URL’s into the excel sheet, add the Meta Titles by checking the URL manually. Every page has a unique Meta Tile on the top of the address bar. Please don’t confuse yourself with the article titles as they both are two different subjects.

Similarly, enter the Page Authority of each page by referring to Moz Toolbar. You can download the Moz Tool bar here. Page Authority can be observed on each page as following. You can ignore Domain Authority for now.

Moz Chrome Toolbar

Once you have the PA score for all the pages, move to Trust Flow column, which you can get from Majestic SEO as shown below.

Majestic SEO Trust Flow

The Trust Flow of home page is 10, which is different for each of the sub-pages. You can create a free account in Majestic SEO and add your website to get unlimited access to many premium features. Similarly, you can add the Internal and External link columns by looking into the web pages manually.

The Final column of Backlinks, can be filled with the help of Majestic SEO tool. Just copy paste each of your link into the search box and enter the number of External Backlinks you see under the summary page.

This completes your sheet with all required information for Interlink Auditing. Similarly, you can find the most important pages using Majestic SEO or Ahrefs. I prefer using Majestic SEO, as it gives me complete information without any restrictions even as a free account member.

To get the most important pages of your website, log into Majestic SEO and enter your URL and navigate to Pages sections.

Majestic SEO popular pages

Click on the Download Data option to download all the important pages. Copy these link URL’s into the Interlink Auditing Template as a different sheet and follow the similar procedure as you followed in the Google Analytics section. Note down all the important metrics like Page Authority, Trust Flow and Links to identify the most important pages of your website.

Now you should have two different sheets which show your popular and important pages from Analytics (Page Authority Wise) and Majestic SEO (Trust Wise). These list of articles will be changed or audited every three months to identify new power pages. Now that you have got the list of top articles, arrange them in the following way.

Option 1:

Click on the Page Authority column and set the filter option to “Sort Largest to Smallest” to display the most authoritative pages of your website. In the following sheet, has the highest count of 55 Page Authority. So this page is the most important page of my website.

page authority template

The Higher the Page Authority, the better are your chances to rank on the search engines. Similarly, you can find out the Trust Flow of all the article by Option 2.

Option 2:

Click on the Trust Flow column and set the filter option to “Sort Largest to Smallest” to display the most trusted pages of your website. In the following sheet, homepage and has the highest amount of Trust Flow count. So these pages are my second priority for the Power page(s).

Trust Flow Template

Sometimes the Page Authority and Trust Flow can be the same, which straight away tells you that this particular page can be your gold mine.

So as per our auditing, Article 4 and Article 1 are the most important and powerful pages of our website. Remember that you cannot make multiple power pages throughout your website. I suggest only 1% of the entire website, which means if you have 100 or below pages, I recommend you to make only 1 Power page.

Step 2: Building the Power Page

Follow these below techniques to build your high authority page as SEO Power Page.

  • For your page to be qualified as a power page, it must have above 15 page authority.
  • Power Pages should not be built on Short Messages, News Articles, One-day Updates, Home Page, Category Pages, Tags and Contact us pages.
  • Pick an unique concept which is not touched by your competitors yet. If you want to attract links, make sure you write something which people have never read or heard about.
  • Power Pages should have a minimum of 2000 words, containing LSI keywords, supporting keywords and high ranking keywords of your website. For example, if your power page is on Computer Tips, make sure you include all important keywords and relevant phrases within these 2000 words.
  • Never stuff your keywords in the power page, else Google might ban your page from the SERP’s.
  • Upload only 5 Images which are less than 50kb in size each. I usually recommend uploading 0.5% pictures of the entire article. Which means, if my page has 1000 words, I can upload a maximum of five.
  • Use different keywords to name the images while uploading. Make sure you write alt tags for all the images.
  • Always make sure your webpage is under 3 seconds loading time. You can check this at
  • Apply the below formula for Header Tags.
  • seo Header tag flow chartMake sure the Header Tags from H1 to H5 are properly optimized as shown above. You can ignore H1 in the article, as majority of the websites have Article Titles as H1.
  • Put maximum three H2 tags and four H3 tags in the articles. Make sure the header tags are related LSI keywords. You can find LSI keywords via Long Tail Pro or Google Keyword Planner.
  • Maintain a clean design while building your power pages.
  • Check if you can disable the sidebar for power pages (Optional).
  • Apply Google Authorship to your power pages.
  • Do not send any external links from your power page until it rank for some of your targeted keywords.
  • Disable Commentluv plugin on your Power pages, else it might drain the Page Authority.
  • If you are allowing people to comment on your Power page, make sure they don’t leave their website links via comments. Sometimes the No-Follow attribute can push your keywords on top of the Google search.
  • Write unique Meta Title and Description for your power page. Don’t repeat the same keywords in the Meta Title and Description.
  • After a month, edit the content and keywords if they are not showing up on Google.
  • Use the Date Exclusion SEO plugin by Greg Royal to turn off the display date of your power page.

Step 3: External Link Building

For the first few days, we shall concentrate only on external link building. Follow these simple guidelines to boost your SEO power pages.

  • Promote the power page on as many top social networks (bookmarks) as possible. Do not try to over do the promotion, or else Google can stop your page from featuring in the Google search.
  • Promote the power page on at least 100 Facebook groups. Here is the link to download a list of 500 Facebook groups
  • Promote the power page on Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, MetaFilter and NewsVine.
  • A week later, you can promote the same power page on Folkd, Fark,, Slashdot and Delicious.
  • Follow the Google Plus Link Building Strategy to link your power page for more social authority.
  • Write a guest post with a NoFollow link pointing to your power page.
  • Do not use any Exact Match Anchor Texts in driving links to your power pages.
  • Realize the fact that we are not optimizing any particular keyword for now. You can link to a long tail keyword from the guest post if possible.
  • Comment on other blogs which has Page Authority above 35 and Domain Authority above 30. Leave a link to the power page if possible.
  • Find some high authority Commentluv websites and promote your power page via comments. Do not over do this technique, else it might affect adversely.
  • Maintain a balance of do-follow and no-follow links in boosting your power page. Make sure the do-follow links are not spammy or coming from low authority pages (Usually PA 0-10).
  • Don’t always look for a do-follow link. If you have an opportunity of grabbing a link from a no-follow website, Go for it!

Step 4: Internal Link Building

The internal link building process should start in the second month of your power page building process. Once your power page has enough link juice, work on the internal link building structure to make it more stronger. Follow these simple guidelines to do it yourself.

Identify the Keywords:

  • By now, your page should start showing up for many keywords which you have not recorded.
  • You can Identify the most important keywords of your power pages via Google Analytics, GWT and Majestic SEO.
  • Google Analytics -> Acquisition -> Campaigns -> Keywords -> Organic
  • Google Webmaster Tools -> Search Traffic -> Search Queries
  • Majestic SEO -> Anchor Text
  • Do a manual search to look at some of the keywords which you have optimized while writing the 2000 words content on the power page.
  • Put them all in an excel sheet with Sno. Keyword, Search Volume, Previous Month Rankings and Current Month rankings as shown below. keyword report templateYou can download this Keyword Report Template here.
  • Keep checking your keyword positions every month and use them on Power Pages.

Linking the Keywords:

Once you identify a list of 30 or above keywords, start inserting them into previous articles and pages which link to your power page.

  • The best practice to interlink is not over doing it. Make sure the keywords are not over stuffed in the same article.
  • Never link to power page with same anchor text for more number of times. The recommended anchor text from each page to the power page shouldn’t exceed more than 2 times.
  • Link only one keyword per article which points to the Power page. Because the first link is always counted positive by bots.
  • Always make sure the interlink keywords is above the fold. (Mostly in the first paragraph)
  • Use the Home Page navigation to link the Power page.
  • Do not put your power pages on sidebars, footers and secondary navigation menus.

Once you follow these interlink techniques, make sure to promote the power page on all social media sites as mentioned above.

Step 5: Using the Power Page

With all the above optimization, soon your power page will be a gold mine to drive traffic from search engines. Once you feel that your page has enough power (Minimum 30 Page Authority), start linking the other most important pages from your power page. Make sure to send only one link per power page to get maximum value to the linked article. This technique works amazingly for old articles which have some default Page Authority and Trust Flow.

Your internal goal to acquire a minimum of 30 Page authority will make things better for you in future. Don’t build multiple power pages, else you cannot concentrate on any of them.

Step 6: Email Out Reach

Send your power page to all influences via their website contact pages and social media accounts. Write down a polite mail to check your article and leave comments if possible. You can ask them to link back their popular article to the following power page for relevancy and goodwill.

Step 7: Newsletter

If you have a list of subscribers, send them your power page link for suggestions. If you’re lucky, you might get some shares as well. Never leave a opportunity to promote your power page on social media networks and forums if required. But make sure you follow the SEO ethics of not overdoing or spamming.

Conclusion: Interlinking can be an amazing way of driving traffic to your website. The most important secret of SEO is not overdoing things. Please note that all the above mentioned tactics are my own invention which worked for me and my clients. If this technique doesn’t work for you, please leave a comment to get it addressed. Let’s sit back and solve the puzzle.

I hope this article helped you in acquiring reasonable traffic from search engines. Please share your experience. Waiting for your comments! 🙂

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